Money exchange in Sweden or Germany. The answer is simple and easy: exchange money in Sweden. In Germany, banks generally give you a worse exchange rate. An example: the exchange rate during the writing of this article is 9.3366 SEK for 1 €, so you would get 9336 for 1000 €. A reader commented that he only got 8.736 SEK from his bank in Spain, so for 1000 € only 8736 €. If you convert this, it’s about 62 € for 600 SEK, so we spoke of 6.8% more for the change in Sweden.

Where you can change money

There are money exchange houses and banks where you can also do this. From valuuttamuunnin the best known are Forex, X-Change, SEB or Svea Exchange.

In Arlanda you will find both Forex, the bank SEB, as well as the exchange office X-change, in order to be able to exchange both euros for crowns and crowns for euros. They are all in front of the security checkpoint, so remember if you want to change money before you return.

In Sky City, the space between Terminals 4 and 5 on the top floor of the airport, you will find Forex and SEB. From this floor you get to the departures. European flights generally arrive at Terminal 5, which leads to the lower floor of Arlanda Airport and directly to Sky City. Point 2 below shows where Forex and SEB are.
X-Change is the only exchange office that has its office on the ground floor after you have picked up your luggage.

In Stockholm there are several Forex banks in different parts of the city, for example in the city terminals, where the Flygbussarna and Flixbus buses depart; in the main station, in the department store NK, in Sveavägen Street behind Hötorget Square, where the Stockholm Auditorium (the blue building) is located.

Where does it cost more to change?

My years of experience have shown that Forex is the best place to change money. Sometimes the difference isn’t very noticeable, but when you change large amounts you can’t miss it. Before writing this article I did the test with 1000 €.

At Forex I got 9335.80,60 SEK
X-Change: 9335.80 SEK
SEB: 9286.10 SEC
Svea Exchange 9276.60 SEK

I hope these tips will help you decide whether to take cash with you on your trip to Sweden or whether paying with a card is easier. I would be happy if you read my article about Lowcost Stockholm*! In this article I will give you tips on how you can save money during your stay in the Swedish capital.

Change money in China

Many tourists who travel to China for the first time worry a lot about money exchange. Where can I change money, how can I get better exchange rates? Should I exchange money at the airport upon arrival? You can find the answers here.

Change money in China or Europe?

According to the exchange control authority of China, the circulation of foreign currencies within the People’s Republic of China is practically prohibited. Therefore it is necessary to change money. Normally you get a cheaper exchange rate in China, so please exchange the money in China. Many travellers end up in Beijing or Shanghai, in such metropolises you can easily change money.

Do I change with cash, credit card or traveller’s cheque?

To exchange RMB, cash and credit card are recommended. Cash can be exchanged in banks, hotels or exchange offices. Credit cards are also accepted in hotels or exchange offices. Travelers Cheque is now a bit old-fashioned, only in a Bank of China branch you can change with Travelers Cheque, but you have to be very patient, it means filling out a lot of forms and waiting a long time.

Which ATMs, banks, hotels or exchange offices do I use?


Chinese YuanIn China there are ATMs everywhere, at the airport, in the hotel or at the street. 95% of all ATMs accept Visa/Master cards. Choose the English menu, then you can take off RMB practically and efficiently. The ATM wake-up rate is the bank rate, better than hotels and exchange offices.


Foreign currencies can only be changed into the Chinese currency through the Bank of China. The process of exchanging money is complicated here. If you go to a bank branch, you first have to sit in the waiting zone, then show your passport, fill in some more forms, wait a long time again and finally get money.