The following is a powerful summary of a spiritual assault experience of reincarnated Daniel from the Scriptures and incarnated angel, who has written a spiritual autobiography concerning his awakening in the 21st century.

For time after the author’s angelic awakening of October 1999, he believed he was unsusceptible to any “psychic attacks” from the dark pressures of the universe, being on the side of Light and God, an actual angel of the divine. This presumption was incorrect. The light in some cases DOES lose battles against the negative Powers-that-be.

I truly do not like to remember this episode, however I will certainly share it to offer alerting that these points remain in truth actual.

It began equally as a routine day, sitting at the computer, when I began picking up an all-pervasive, concrete, adverse, frightening, dark and even “bad” energy pressure permeate myself and also my house.

It began gradually in the beginning, but as the hours progressed, it sped up until I might no more rest at the computer system and even speak out loud. My breathing came to be labored, and my heart started pounding at 200 beats per min which continued for a full 3 days. I might no more take a breath automatically; I had to manually manage my breath, or else I understood I ‘d essentially pass away.

This was not a physical health problem, as I was perfectly healthy and balanced. For the next 3 days I was virtually disabled on the couch, unable to also move or rise. I couldn’t consume or drink any type of water, as I immediately threw it up. I couldn’t rest a wink of rest during these 3 days.

It felt worse than dying.

The frustrating, paralyzing “bad” pressure permeated all over me. In anxiety and also with all my might, I stood and attempted to say a protection petition to God aloud. Unfortunately this incapacitating psychic assault stopped me from even hoping; I tried, but all that came out of my mouth was gibberish. I sounded like a pathetic six-year old young boy weeping; I was alone and powerless during this attack, with no light of God pertaining to save me.

It took me 10 mins to stroll to the washroom from the couch; this dark force was stopping me from even placing one foot before the various other. I broke down on my bed room floor for an hour, not able to stand up, despite how hard I tried. Go to to learn more info about psychic attacks.

You may wonder, was this a “Satanic” or a demonic attack? Well it was not any evil one, but some other people who obtained with each other and “astral took a trip” right into my home. They were of the darkness; they were effective energy vampires, sucking all my energy from the body and soul, as they made fun of me.

I listened to out loud – much like a normal verbal voice – a senior woman speaking to an Australian accent, buffooning me, however I might not see her form. It took a while to recuperate from this strike after those 3 days. It was an extremely awful experience I would certainly never ever wish on my worst adversaries, and also I do not like to remember it, however here Daniel is, sharing it with you to let you recognize it can occur to also incarnated angels of God.

It really felt EVEN WORSE than death. It was torture. Actually, since I’m currently a public figure, I obtain attacked in several ways, due to the nature of my message. My life is an open book.

To ensure you don’t experience something such as this yourself, constantly maintain a solid, prayerful or reflective connection to the Developer of light, as the light will ultimately overcome the darkness, yet sometimes these fights are shed regardless of that you are, or how well you believe you are shielded.

To read more regarding the author as well as dramatic spiritual awakening as a modern-day prophet, see his free-to-readread web site and book.