Reverse-auction shopping internet sites have actually been around for some time, but never ever actually went into the mainstream. However, this might be ready to transform. One company means to bring reverse auctions to the masses and surpass eBay as a shopping site of option.

DubLi was founded in 2003 by Michael Hansen with the goal of being an amazing, acknowledged international public auction residence. Dubai has established a big online buying portals like eBay, Amazon, Google & Yahoo in several regions around the globe. DubLi was efficiently released in Europe in 2006, the USA in 2008 as well as Australia & New Zealand in 2009, and also now coming to Singapore.

As part of its expansion plans, DubLi lately combined with MediaNet Team Technologies, the largest online shopping mall as well as fondness program system, and is now noted as a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaNet.

The DubLi reverse-auctions function like this: Every time somebody uses an 80-cent credit report at the public auction to view the current cost of a sale product, the cost of the item decreases by a further 25 cents. Buyers obtain accessibility to lots of new preferred brand-name products at the absolute cheapest rates. Several of the more usual products consist of laptops, electronic video cameras, and iPods, however, you can additionally acquire a brand new Mercedes C300 for just $8,000 on DubLi.

The DubLi organization design is based upon a brand-new concept of riding the social media site’s wave. While eBay,, as well as Google, were made popular by the net boom, the next wave in the innovation cycle is the social media wave with social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and also MySpace. Consumers on DubLi can get free buying credit reports when they suggest the DubLi internet site to their pals.

Dubai additionally supplies people with a special possibility to generate extra income through their very own lucrative part-time or permanent service by being affiliates. DubLi associates have their very own one-of-a-kind DubLi shopping site as well as obtain awards whenever a person stores on their internet site.

From a viewpoint, eBay started in 1995, grew to 2.1 million customers by 1998, then exploded to 42 million consumers by 2001. That’s 2.1 million to 42 million in 3 years! “We anticipate DubLi to expand just as quickly, if not faster, on the back of the social networking wave,” claims Vanya Cheng, a DubLi associate.

After launching DubLi in Australia in November 2009, fellow Singaporean Vanya is currently back house to launch DubLi in Singapore. We are holding exclusive talks for just a select team of people from 23-25 Feb 2010. Numbers are limited to 20 per talk.

“We are trying to find early adopters of brand-new technology, trend leaders as well as individuals that wish to be at the center of the tech wave.” Could this be you?

“Dubai’s growth in Europe has actually already surpassed that of eBay’s when it was originally presented. It will just be a matter of time before people in Singapore find out about this treasure of an internet site and tweet it to their buddies,” claims Vanya.

With the number of individuals in Singapore who like buying from Temu on Apple, the word is going to get around quickly, and also you would absolutely wish to remain in the lead.