Air Conditioning: Most frequent breakdowns and solutions

The breakdown of the cooling system in the middle of the summer season is very bad news. In this period, air conditioning repair technicians usually have a high demand for both consultations and the installation of equipment.

So, getting a specialist available will be a complex task and, while waiting, you must endure the oppressive heat. Therefore, knowing what are air conditioning breakdowns and recurring solutions is the best way to prepare to solve the problems that often present these teams, even in the most unexpected moments.

Appliances can have all kinds of failures, depending on the number of years of use and maintenance they receive. However, some problems tend to appear more frequently than others.

In this article, you will find out what are typical air conditioner breakdowns. Learn how to repair air conditioners with expert advice.

Problems with Air Conditioning

Equipment and devices for air conditioning are very useful objects, as they ensure a high level of comfort for the users. The equipment and devices for conditioning the temperature of the environments are very useful objects since they guarantee a high level of well-being for the users. Setting the atmosphere in the spaces of a company or the rooms of a house according to the season of the year will increase the comfort of the inhabitants or attendants, as well as their degree of happiness and security.

Therefore, the presence of a problem with the air conditioning at home or in a company can disrupt the comfort achieved, which often leads to moodiness and stress. In order to solve conflicts, you must first recognize where they originate.

Why does the air conditioner smell bad?

Some of the causes of bad odor in the air conditioner are:

  • Mold is generated by the accumulation of water in the condensation tray.
  • Bacteria and fungi proliferate in dirty filters.
  • Absence or improper installation of the siphon

Bad odor does not seem like a serious problem, but rather unpleasant news. However, the accumulation of dirt in the equipment can lead to poor performance and increase the level of consumption of the device. Therefore, it is advisable to fix the air conditioning as soon as possible.

Air Conditioner does not start the compressor: what is happening?

When a unit does not cool properly, it may be due to a compressor start failure. In these cases, the refrigerant gas fails to change pressure and then the temperature remains the same. Therefore, the spaces are not adequately cooled. Solving the fault in the air conditioning compressor will help you regain the freshness of the environment.

Other problems that prevent proper cooling are the presence of an abnormal amount of ice, leaks in the circuit, and loss of refrigerant gas. Read on to learn how to solve these conflicts! For additional tips and information about hvac repair, you may visit their page for further info.

Air Conditioner starts and stops after a while, possible causes

When the air conditioner does not work, it is usually due to one or a combination of possible causes. In general, failures at the start of the equipment are one of the most frequent and annoying breakdowns for users. Sometimes the equipment does not turn on but, at other times, starts and after a while, the air conditioner turns itself off. In these cases, the problem may be related to the thermostat or condenser.