Running is one of the most effective activities for health, it allows us to move quickly. We have been made a sport easy to practice and very effective to maintain a healthy state, also helps us conserve a lot of energy during the day and psychological benefits.

If you have decided to give up sedentary running is one of the options to keep your body slim, requires no expense, you can do it outdoors, you just need a comfortable sneaker and set aside 30 minutes to do this activity. Running brings us certain health advantages to help us stay in shape and is one of the most recommended activities to burn fat.

Running is considered a simple practice, which is why here we leave you the great benefits that this exercise provides. Many scientific studies have revealed some aesthetic benefits which you were not aware of and here we provide it.

Easy to practice

Running is a very easy sport to practice as you don’t need to spend money just on a pair of sneakers and a light pair of trousers. To practice it we can do it in the streets or parks near our residences.

To run you don’t have to have special skills or fixed schedules, that will depend on you. Just 30 minutes will be enough. In addition you will not have to cover a predetermined distance you choose the route you want to do.

You can do them individually or in groups, you choose according to the motivation the staff you have. Running allows you to relax and disconnect from the outside world, allows you to challenge yourself by increasing the level of aerobic intensity.

Running benefits your health

This exercise prevents the risk of diseases such as obesity, lung cancer, diabetes, hearing diseases, strokes and migraine. Scientific studies have shown that people who engage in this type of exercise are less likely to suffer from these diseases.

Running stimulates the production of endorphins substance that helps improve mood stress by avoiding depressive illnesses. Running outdoors allows you to breathe through your nose causing your lungs to expand and take in more oxygen.

On the other hand, researchers from the University of Missouri showed that running helps to strengthen the bones by performing high impact exercises. We accumulate calcium and mineral density avoiding osteoporosis.

In addition, scientists have shown that running increases our immune system, in a study found that 61% of runners had fewer colds once they started the routine of running, compared with sports such as cycling and swimming that prove the opposite.

Helps to reduce measures

One of the main benefits of doing this physical activity is that you will burn twice as many calories as walking. Running along with a healthy diet, allows the body to burn more effectively fats, improving blood circulation.

When doing this type of exercise increases the anaerobic capacity, so when you do it for hours in the morning you would be accelerating the metabolism by helping to reduce fat tissue and tone muscles.

If you want to lose those extra pounds, running is the perfect exercise, has no costs, it would be considered the most economical weight loss plan. This is accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, along with a routine appropriate to your schedule.

Improves brain and cardiovascular activity.

The University of South Carolina conducted a study through which it was able to demonstrate that running increases the amount of mitochondria, which are cells responsible for providing the energy needed for better cell functioning. As a consequence, these cells emit waves to the brain that help reduce fatigue and avoid the risk of suffering brain diseases.

Another study by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden showed that people who performed this type of activity inter daily for 40 minutes, reduced headaches, thus demonstrating that exercise not only relieves stress but also muscle tension.

This type of exercise promotes oxygenation and strengthens the heart, thus avoiding the risk of a heart attack. A study showed that in one population, people who have a habit of running, reduced by 42% the risk of suffering cardiovascular disease. In fact, it has been shown that the greater the intensity of the training, the more cardiovascular benefits can be obtained.

Improve your personal image

Running allows oxygenation of the skin, allowing it to look more radiant making it smooth and soft, thanks to the release of toxins. Doing this kind of exercise, strengthens your buttocks because you use this muscle for the execution of movement. When you run you tone your legs losing fat making them look slim and without cellulite.

Another advantage of running is that you can avoid varicose veins as this exercise promotes good blood circulation. Prevents epidermal affections and reduces acne because it causes the production of sweat in the body, opening the pores of the skin and thus eliminating toxins. On the other hand it reduces swelling as this activity prevents fluid retention.

We know that training gives us great health benefits, but in addition to them helps us to develop our muscles and lose weight, but doing it regularly will bring us aesthetic. So cheer up, what are you waiting for? Don’t let the routine catch you, file the lazy ones, grab your slippers and go running two or three times a week and you’ll get many health benefits.